We have not kept our news up to date since September as Margaret had a  mole removed from her leg which was diagnosed as a malignant melanoma. After 2 operations we are pleased to say that  Margaret was given the all clear but is still in some pain as there are 3 places to heal on her legs and they are healing very slowly, which makes her most frustrated!
With the help of friends Sandra still managed to show the Bassets and Margaret now comes too - as long as she is good! Below are the rest of our results - THANK YOU Basset & Cat gang for giving us such an interesting and successful 2007.

7 September - Richmond Championship show - Duncan 2 firsts and Res Best of Breed
15 September - Plymouth Open show - Duncan Best of Breed and 3rd in  Hound group
16 September - Westbury Open Show - Duncan first in Post Grad & Open and Best of Breed - in last 6 for Best in Show!
22 September - SW Cat Club - Myrtle’s first show and she was Best British Shorthair Silver Spotted Kitten
25 October - Midland Counties - Duncan 2nd in Post Graduate dog & Albie 2nd in Puppy Bitch
3 November - Midland Basset Hound Club Championship show - Albie 2nd in her first Junior Class
4 November - South West Hound Club - Both Duncan and Albie won theit class but this time Albie beat Duncan for Best of Breed!
11 November - Minehead Open Show - Albie and Duncan won their class again but it was Duncan’s turn for Best of Breed - and he also won the Hound Group
31 December - Albie and Duncan both won their class and Duncan gained Best of Breed and was 4th in the Hound Group!

Duncan had accumulated 22 points towards for his Junior Warrant. Being so close to the winning post we made the 3 hour journey to the South Eastern Hound Club’s Premier show at Crawley, Sussex. We entered him for 3 classes - he won Junior, then Graduate, then Limit & the 3 points needed for his Junior Warrant. We were really delighted - and even more so when he won Best of Breed. After a sustaining cup of coffee we gathered with the rest of the winning hounds competing for Best in Show. The judge was Hound expert Mrs Dagmar Kenis Pordham. Duncan showed brilliantly - he really enjoyed himself and we were pulled out in the final seven. The judge walked towards us and Duncan had won the top award of  BEST IN SHOW! The huge trophy he won is now on the hall table to impress our visitors!

All thrre younger memebers of the gang came with us to the Welsh Kennel Club show. Duncan was placed 2nd in Junior behind the res CC winner and then won Post Graduate. Albie came second to Vinny & Malcom Ness’s Viness Vinell Merrydown in Puppy bitch and then won Novice. Cream came a very creditable 4th in a large Junior bitch class. Due to conditions underfoot we were judged on higher ground and under canvas.

Bournemouth had to move their show to another part of the showground as the rain combined with the New Forest show had left the ground distinctly squelchy! Luckily they had lots of dry weather to help dry things up but it was like walking on a dry sponge! Well our gang of 3 behaved really well. Duncan is now maturing and moved brilliantly to win Junior dog. We had fun by putting him in the Junior stakes class for the first time and he was pulled out in the last 8. Not to be out done Albie was placed 3rd in Puppy bitch and on her first attempt in the Puppy Stakes was placed 3rd. She met a chihuahua for the first time and was most intrigued!

Once again the committe of this show pulled outall the stops and with the aid of 8 tons of wood chip they kept the ground dry. Thank you! Duncan won Junior Dog and Cream was 4th in Junior bitch under Marita Rodgers. We left baby Albie at home as she was a bit under the weather - who can blame her!  This was the first time that Caz Turner had showed her Basset bitch puppy, Madisopn. (She is by Ch Viness Vinell Albert out of a Bear Right at Barrenger daughter)  Madison did very well but Caz was a bit nervous! Marita told her that she liked her and to carry on showing her.
Ted & Pauline Conner are having a double celebration at the weekend - Pauline’s birthday and their Golden Wedding ! They are having a big party and we are very happy to be with them &  to help them celebrate! CONGRATULATIONS!

The showground at Usk was flooded so the committee moved the show to the Newbury showground - an extra 50 miles travelling  but it was DRY there! Well done to the committee for re-arranging this so quickly and well. We were judged by Judith Armstrong and Duncan won 2 firsts and the girls won 2 seconds.

Windsor will sadly be remembered this year not just for the mud but also for the lack of concern for the exhibitors. Just a few bits of carpet were deemed all that was necessary for the safety of  all. Nothing else was provided to stop everyone slipping and sliding in ankle deep mud. Our 3 youngsters were completely black underneath as they ploughed through the quagmire. Several towels later and the use of a whole tub of  cleaning powder made them fairly respectable but we still had to get them to the ringside - so we carried them over. You could tell who the Basset exhibitors were as they were plastered too! Though we did very well in the ring with Duncan winning Junior dog, Albie winning Best bitch puppy and Cream being placed 2nd in Junior, we will always remember this show as just a big filthy sticky mess.!

Though we had fine rain from the Malvern Hills we were fairly dry until late in the day when the heavens opened up and emptied all upon us! We were then left paddling! We enjoyed the show with Duncan winning firsts in Junior & Post Graduate. Cream was placed 3rd in Junior Bitch and Albie won Puppy Bitch and was BEST PUPPY. There was a competition for Best Puppy in Group so we stayed to the rather wet end. Albie wasn’t pulled out but she showed like a trooper and thoroughly enjoyed teasing and playing with Serena Parker’s Beagle puppy on one side a a Grand BGV on the other!

We started our journey at 22c but by the time we arrived at the venue near the NEC in Birmingham it was 14c! It certainly warmed up during the day. This was a really well run pleasant & relaxing show. We left Duncan at home as two of the girls had just finished their season but he didn’t agree! Phil Freer judged the bitches and it gave our new baby, Barrenger Proper Handful (Albie) first in Minor Puppy Bitch and Maiden . Albie really enjoyed her first outdoor show and took an interest in everything! Cream is beginning to mature now and she was placed 3rd in Junior bitch and won Novice bitch. BIS went to Derek & Heather Storton’s Ch Dereheath Marcus Aurelius and Reserve BIS went to their bitch Dereheath Margaret who won her crown on the day. Well done! Sandra gave D. Margaret her 2nd CC when she judged in Ireland earlier this year and has also given Marcus a CC! So it was nice to see them together. As the weather was fine we had a picnic lunch with Judith Haynes & her mum, finishing with strawberries from our garden & clotted cream.

Taunton show is held in conjunction with the enormous Bath & West Agricultural show but the weather was very unkind again! We enjoyed both shows - and the scrumptious Somerset fare! Duncan won Yearling and the Reserve Best of Breed with Cream hot on his heels winning the Graduate class

This was held at the Weston Sports hall and it was very hot for the cats - lets hope they have some fans next time! Colinswood Silver Fern won her 2nd CC with her breeder Joan Simmons winning a 2nd CC & BOB with Sargenta Silver Vincento - well done!

This was the start of a really busy week! Bath was its usual muddy self and we were judged outside until the heavy showers drove us in. Not a very big ring but (yes its getting boring !) Duncan won Junior dog again and Cream re-appeared to win Junior Bitch, which was lovely. Vinny & Malcolm won Minor Puppy bitch with Merrty and then  young at heart Ch Viness Vinell Albert won BOB at the age of nearly 6! The was great but caused problems as Vinny had to fly up to Glasgow and could not wait for the group. We stayed behind and Sandra took Albert into the big ring with plenty of cheese and liver. Malcolm’s grandchildren cheered us on and we were all thrilled when he was pulled out in the last 7 - the only short-legged hound! He showed brilliantly.

Its great to see the Viness Vinell Basset Hounds back in the ring. Vinny & Malcom Ness had a great day winning Best Puppy with their black blanket bitch Viness Vinell Merry Down. (Bear Right at Barrenger ex Viness Vinell Mocha).

We had a very happy & successful day  at thefriendly  Lancs Yorks and Cheshire BHC Champ. Show. Duncan yet again won Junior Dog and was  2nd in Graduate to to the Res CC winner. Our new baby, Barrenger Proper Handful  (Ch Viness Vinell Albert & Mum is Barrenger Lavender Jade)   attended her first show and won 3rd in Minor Puppy Bitch. The baby of the class at 6 months & 2 days but really enjoyed herself

Yet another lovely sunny day and the Basset exhibitors made the most of it. Judge Patience Walden awarded Duncan a first in Junior Dog!.

We made the long trek north and had a night away.. It was worthwhile as Barrenger Beswick ‘Duncan’ won Junior Dog. Under judge Heather Storton. His sister, Creamware was just finishing her season so she stayed at home! We had time for a quick drive round the lakes and a good pub meal as well!

Not to be out done, Colinswood Silver Fern, our first black & silver tabby girl, attended her first show and was awarded her first CC. Many thank sand congratulations to her breeder Joan Simmons. Our spotted kitten, Barrenger Mischief Maker was placed first in her kitten class.

We had a very successful day  when out of an entry of 19, Barrenger Beswick won the Yearling class and was BEST OF BREED. His sister, Barrenger Creamware was 3rd in Post Graduate and Barrenger Moonlight (Pippa) won the Open Class.. Judge Maria Leregro

We spent a few days in Northern Ireland where Sandra was judging the Basset Hound Club of Northern Ireland Championship Show. The hospitality was great and we stayed 2 days with Eddie  the Chairman and his wife, Gail.. Best of Breed was Ch & Ir Ch Ryan O’Neel and Best Bitch was Dereheath Margaret. We had a glorious drive along the Antrim coast and before we left visited the Giant’s Causeway and bravely crossed the rope bridge at Carrick-a-Rede.

On Thursday Aileen Sharpe heard screaming coming from the railway line which runs below her garden. She looked out and saw a dog .......................... wandering along the rails. The owner was distraught  so Aileen descended to the line and picked up the errant wanderer. It had been raining  ............................. (not unusual in Greenloaning!) and on the way up the bank Aileen slipped and sat down heavily on her ankle. There was an ominous crack       ............................  - a broken ankle.  A near neighbour raided the freezer for peas and husband Derek whisked her off to the hospital. For her good deed and   ...............................  heroism Aileen then spent the next two days in hospital and is now weighed down by a plaster cast! We all wish her a speedy recovery and   ................................ a few cheerful words from her Basset friends will surely cheer her up in the 3 month road to recovery.  

We took both our puppies. Barrenger Beswick & Barrenger Creamware to the West Country Dog Club Open show. There was only one class for Bassets but we were really pleased when Duncan was placed first and Cream second!. Duncan then went on to be placed 3rd in the Hound Group and 2nd in the Puppy Hound group under judge Morris Armstrong

We had a wonderful day with our  new Silver Spotted kitten, Barrenger Mischief. Maker At her first show she won BOB Silver Spotted kitten, 2 other side classes and finally BEST BRITISH SHORTHAIR KITTEN!!  You can see her on our cat page. sOur other kitten also won 2 firsts

Duncan bit the dust today as he was unplaced in the Graduate class. Pippa was 2nd in the Open Class. Many  congratulations to Sue Danel and her Brackenacre Trinket for winning Best of Breed and her puppy was Best Puppy too!

The popular annual Basset Hound Walk was held on the Longleat estate in Wiltshire. We could not attend this year as we had very young puppies. Everyone enjoyed walking off the Christmas pudding and had enough space to spare for lunch at the local hostelry.

Duncan (Barrenger Beswick) attended the Ladies Kennel Association Championship Show and was awarded BEST PUPPY by  breed specialist Mrs Veronica Ross. He thoroughly enjoyed his day, and was full of  energy. He travelled with his pal Pippa (Barrenger Moonlight) and they  both thought the LKA bus ride was very exciting - Duncan had to be told he couldn’t speak to all the dogs on board! Pippa was placed 3rd in a large limit bitch class.

Autumn  was bred by us. Her kennel name is Barrenger Milk Thistle for Widgerwood. She is registered at the Kennel Club in this name and was sold by us to Mrs Vicky Ashby and Miss Denise Pitts of the Widgerwood / Abbeybrook prefixes. She was later transferred into the sole ownership of Miss D Pitts. When we would not lift the KC endorsements and let them breed from her she was sold on . They refused  to tell us where she had gone.  On Sunday 10th December Margaret was surfing the net and came across the doglost site where we saw that a missing Basset was Autumn! We had both found and lost her on the same day. She was

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7 December 2006
Autumn Basset Lost and Found
This is Autumn safe at home with Nicole after her experiences